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Flying the Flag in 2014…

We’re asking members to ‘Fly the Flag’ again during 2014 to help repeat the success of the Centenary celebration.  So, whatever your destination, whether on your boat or someone else’s, take a burgee and a take a photograph of it flying proudly along with you and yours around. If you don’t own a burgee then Joyce Meggitt will loan you one — or even our new giant house flag.
Send a photo for the website to Roy Conchie at

Send us a picture!
Your picture doesn’t have to be taken in a nautical environment!
If you find yourself somewhere interesting - like the Pyramids of Giza or the Eiffel Tower, unfurl the MCA flag and take a picture

105 Years - Established 1913

For this season there will be a ‘Bottle’ for the best picture, which

will be judged by members at the AGM concurrent with the other

competitions. To be as fair as possible to members who don’t have their own boats, the pictures don’t have to feature a boat!

Photos will be judged for originality & innovative locations.
Competition entries should be in print form to at least 7x5inches and a title, description & location may be added in the print or stuck on an attached  label

MCA Flags & burgees can be loaned via Joyce Meggitt.

Better still, why not Buy One?

Members Kerry & Wayne Versfeld show the MCA house flag at Douglas, Isle of Man with Mike & Sally Ousbey. August 2014

MCA  Commodore Mike Ousbey and wife Sally  'Laid Back at the Lighthouse' taken at Douglas Head accompanied by Wayne & Kerry Versfeld.

Roy and Suzanne Conchie do an MCA ‘Selfie’ at Mali Ston, Croatia. August 2014

Roy and Suzanne Conchie aboard the  ‘Royal Istankoy’ at Bodrum on the southern coast of Turkey. September 2014

‘Beached but still flying the Flag’
Roger Cleland’s winning entry in the 2014 ‘Fly the Flag’ competition

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