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Insignia & Regalia

The MCA Insignia

The following are available from the Keeper of Insignia, Mrs. Joyce Meggitt, at members’ meetings

Burgee 12” (30cms)

Burgee 18” (45cms)

Burgee 24” (60cms)




Please note that prices are subject to variation.

There may be residual items still available such as Tie Pins, badges etc.. From Insignia available in past years but these are to be phased out.
You can enquire about all these with Mrs Joyce Meggitt at Members’ meetings.

The committee decided that retaining a stock of MCA badged clothing items hadn’t been successful in recent years. In future, Sweat shirts, T shirts, Caps and Ties won’t be offered from stock and members are invited to source their own items and then let Joyce Meggitt have these for bespoke machine embroidering. A service that will be made available 2 or 3 times a year from members’s meetings.

Embroidery Service

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