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Picture by Jean Ankers

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105 Years - Established 1913

 New Piracy Warnings:   The Royal Navy have issued a document repeating the need for continuing caution for mariners around the Red Sea, Horn of Africa and North West Indian Ocean. The Pdf document can be viewed by clicking HERE!!

Flying the Flag…

We are asking members to ‘Fly the Flag’ again this 2016 season.  So, whatever your destination, whether on your boat or someone else’s, take a burgee and a take a photograph of it flying proudly with you and yours around. If you don’t own a burgee then Joyce Meggitt will loan you one — or even our new giant house flag. Send a photo to Roy Conchie for the website.

Magic Power Gel…

Gerard Dare, in association with G H Lucas Ltd of Altrincham, has introduced to the market Magic Power Gel 2.  It’s an electric potting compound that insulates all electrics from water and condensation to IP68 standards. In other words totally watertight.
Not new, however, this gel is totally re-useable, it can be taken out of the box, for example to affect repairs or make an additional connection, then reinstalled with total protection being re-achieved. It can also be installed upside-down.
For the yacht and boatman it is an effective and cheap way to insulate systems and have immediate access should it be needed.  Also useful  to Aquarists in the aquarium and pond environments.
  For more details see

Happiness all around for the MCA July
‘Boathouse’ Dinner at Sale Water Park

The 2015 Commodore Mike Ousbey, President Stuart Thompson, Former President Alan Street, Past Commodores and members gather
for a mid-summer get-together at the ‘Boathouse’ restaurant.

Marine Conservation Zones…

The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 allows for the creation of a type of Marine Protected Area (MPA), called a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). MCZs protect a range of nationally important marine wildlife, habitats, geology and geomorphology and can be designated anywhere in English and Welsh inshore and UK offshore waters.  Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel, a former Marine Nature Reserve, became the UK's first MCZ in January 2010. More information on Marine Conservation Zones is available on Defra's website.

In November 2013, 27 sites were deisgnated within the Defra  marine area, of which 5 sites are offshore.

East of Haig Fras MCZ  

North East of Farnes Deep MCZ (formerly Rock Unique)

South-West Deeps (West) MCZ

Swallow Sand MCZ

The Canyons MCZ

These sites can be viewed on the MPA Interactive Map.

Further information can be seen at the UK government website HERE!

February 2015 - Phase 2 consultations are to begin and details of the designated areas can be seen at               

February 2016

Trophy presentations…

Helen Thompson, wife of MCA President, Dr Stuart Thompson, presents the META Challenge Cup to Dr Roger Chisholm for his excellent talk & account of his cruise from the Menai Straits to Shetland via Cape Wrath and back to Loch Creran via the Caledonian canal.

Kerry Versfeld receives the ‘Street Salver’ from former MCA President, Alan Street.

The Salver was donated to the MCA by Alan’s wife Betty back in 1991 and the winning picture from this competition usually adorns the cover of the following year’s MCA Handbook.

January 2016

‘Classic Sailor’ magazine…

“Classic Sailor” is a relatively new sailing magazine which, as the name suggests, focuses on a wide range of classic boats from dinghies, skiffs to more traditional yachts, mostly in wood and to some of the skills that such boats demand both in terms of repair and sailing. Its appeal is much less touristy than most sailing publications.
The cost is £3.95 but there is an introductory offer of 12 issues at £37.50 including post & packing.

Helen Thompson, wife of MCA President, Dr Stuart Thompson, presents the Lawes Trophy to Sally Ousbey for her group of 5 photographs with the theme ‘Anglesey Lights’

(Many Thanks to Rear Commodore Nigel Partington for taking
these pictures of the presentations.)

The winning pictures can be seen on the ‘Competitions’ page HERE!