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Links to Harbours and Marinas…

UK WEST COAST      Padstow to Arisaig

UK SOUTH COAST    Ramsgate to Penzance

UK EAST COAST     The Wash to Whitstable

NORTH FRANCE         L'Aberach to Dunkirk

WEST FRANCE        Brest to Hendaye

CHANNEL                  The Channel Islands

IRELAND EAST          Wexford to Larne

UK EAST COAST        Inverness to Grimsby

Tidal information sources…

The National Tidal & Sea Level Facility(7days)        

The UKHO Easy Tide world-wide

calculator 7 days free

UK Hydrographic Office

YBW 14 day UK tides - (Click 14 Day Tide Tables)

fr.rec.bateaux - French tides(in French)

SHOM world-wide calculator (in French)

Meteo Consult world-wide tides(in French)

Irish tides Tidal predictions worldwide and at future dates to 2037

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